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Breach of Contract Attorneys in New York City

Decades of Helping Uphold Contract Responsibility

Written employment contracts may set forth in detail a broad range of terms and conditions of employment. if employers or employees violate the contract there are ways to ensure justice. The breach of contract attorneys at Goldberg & Fliegel negotiate, draft and review employment contracts.

In addition, if an employer violates an employment agreement, we are here to help to the employee.

What is a Breach of Contract?

A violation of a contract's terms and conditions is a breach of contract. These contracts and conditions of employment includes without limitation position held and job duties, duration of employment, compensation and benefits including salary, commissions, bonuses, stock, stock options, other incentive compensation, grounds for termination of employment, severance pay, trade secret protection, and restrictions on post-employment activities.

The legal professionals at Goldberg & Fliegel in New York City represent clients on claims of breach of contract, unjust enrichment, promissory estoppel, fraud and misrepresentation, and conversion. Call (646) 941-7845 for help from a contract attorney in NYC.

Types of Breach of Contract Claims

We negotiate, draft and review Non-Compete Agreements, Non-Solicitation Agreements, Trade Secret Agreements and Confidentiality Agreements. These types of agreements can restrict employees in future employment and in the solicitation of former customers or former co-workers. If you are ever asked to sign any of these kinds of agreements, whether to obtain a job or to keep a job that you already have, we encourage you to call us so that we can review such agreements and explain any restrictions that the employer is seeking to place on you and to potentially negotiate a lessening of these restrictions. In addition, we represent employees who have disputes with former employees regarding allegations that such agreements were violated. Our breach of contract lawyers in NYC represent clients seeking to negotiate a resolution of such disputes and we represent clients in litigation when the dispute cannot be resolved.

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At Goldberg & Fliegel, our clients receive all the benefits of a boutique law firm, where we devote all our resources to their case and fight hard to obtain redress for unlawful conduct. We offer a variety of flexible fee arrangements.

If you are involved in a breach of contract dispute, let the New York City employment attorneys at Goldberg & Fliegel help. Call today at (646) 941-7845 for a free telephone consultation about your case.

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